Fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With These Natural Remedies.


What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? What are the treatments available to fight this condition? What is the place of natural supplementation in the treatment of CFS? The following paragraphs will answer the above mentioned questions.

A rising number of people have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Government data puts that number at well over a million. How do you know if you have CFS? According to the CDC, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is defined as:

1. Experiencing six months of chronic fatigue which is not improved by rest or sleep. In addition, the patient must have an otherwise clean bill of health. No other conditions must be detected in bloodwork

2. Patients must experience at least 4 of the following symptoms. Pain in the muscles, pain in the joints, extreme discomfort after exercise (lasting more than 24 hours), restless sleep, memory loss and headaches.

There are no cures for CFS and the cause is still a mystery. This lack of knowledge is very frustrating to CFS patients. Current medical protocols only treat the symptoms of the condition. Because the symptoms are so varied, treatments vary widely between individuals. Treatments for CFS are highly individualized and require a lot of trial an error.

Natural remedies can be part of a comprehensive plan to fight CFS. The natural remedies contain ingredients that work deep in the body with the aim of reversing possible causes of Chronic Fatigue. Many of these natural ingredients boost energy, and improve the the ingestion of valuable nutrients by restoring intestinal processes. They are also known to restore elasticity in joints as well as the regeneration of cartilage.

Lifestyle changes can also be made as part of this natural coping process. Healthy diets are often found to improve the symptoms of CFS. De-stressing, either through meditation, exercise, or other means is another lifestyle change that can prove beneficial in fighting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Natural remedies can be an important weapon in the fight against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you suspect you have CFS, consult a physician to discuss all treatment options. You will find that modern medicine and natural supplementation can work together to effectively control the painful and debilitating effects of CFS.

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